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The Advantages of a Rewards Credit Card

Many customers are discovering the benefits of rewards credit cards. Credit cards that offer a rewards program can help you stretch your budget and when used properly, can actually pay you for spending money. There are several benefits involved with taking advantage of a credit card rewards program, and these benefits extend beyond earning cash or other incentives. Community First Credit Union has a stellar credit card rewards program that we are proud to offer to our members.


Obviously, the best benefit of a rewards-based credit card is earning the actual rewards. With a Community First Credit Union rewards card, you will earn one point for every dollar you spend. And for a limited time, we'll give you 5,000 bonus points just for opening a new credit card account with us. Many rewards credit cards have tight restrictions on what you can redeem your points for. At Community First, we offer a wide variety of points redemption options. Your points can be redeemed for gift cards, products and services from your favorite retailers, admission to various activities like spa getaways, camping trips, park admissions and many other things for everyone in the family. You can also redeem your points for tickets to concerts, sporting events and theater productions. When you sign up now, you can use your card to take care of all of your holiday shopping and gift-giving needs, and later reward yourself or a loved one with something special once you receive your points on your next statement.


Other Savings
A rewards credit card offers very little benefit if you are charged high fees and high interest rates on your balance. The value of your points at the time of redemption may not even cover the cost of the fees and interest charges, so you may actually lose money. Steer away from these cards and find a card that actually rewards you. At Community First Credit Union, our rewards credit card comes with no annual fee and a low interest rate to help you make the most of the card and the rewards you earn. If you pay off your balance in full every month, you'll pay no interest. When you cash in your rewards points, you will basically get paid to spend money. What could be better?


Member Benefits
There are several other benefits that come with a Community First Credit Union rewards credit card. Cardholders enjoy free online account access, so you can easily see what your balance is, when your payment is due and even pay your bill online. Your card also includes free travel insurance, to cover you in the case of an emergency or when you have to cancel travel plans completely. Your card also includes rental car insurance to cover any damage or loss to a vehicle that you rent using your card. Complimentary emergency services and roadside assistance are also included at no extra charge.

If you are looking for a rewards credit card with no annual fee and no other hidden costs, Community First Credit Union has the right card for you. We offer quick approvals and easy online account access. We also offer personalized customer service; you are more than just an account number at Community First. With our rewards credit card, you can start the holiday season out right, earning rewards with every dollar you spend, and then reward yourself for shopping, eating out and traveling. The 5,000 point bonus offer is only valid through December, so don't wait to apply - get your card and get started with your points-earning activities today!

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